Sonic RS Hatchback Test Drive

January 5th, 2017 by

The compact hatchback market is fiercely competitive. Ford, Hyundai, Honda – all the big players have tried to make the “best on the market”. But Chevy’s Sonic RS hatchback blows them away. I did a test drive review of the Sonic hatchback that you can see (here). First impressions? You basically get a short throw shifter for no additional cost, because the stock shifter is so smooth and the gearing feels so good that you’ll be convinced you spent the extra cash for a premium gearbox. It just feels good. The steering wheel is leather wrapped, and felt much better in my hands than the Focus RS I sat in during the St. Louis auto show last year. The flat bottom also adds a nice sporty feel to the car, and for some reason just feels better on the road; it makes the car feel more agile. The Sonic I reviewed featured the Touring suspension package, and if you were to splurge just a little for the upgrade, I highly recommend it. No jittery ride quality, nice cornering feel, and smooth handling over bumps in the road is very much worthwhile. But how does it look? The other brands like Ford and Hyundai spend a ton of cash to figure out what body styles will appeal to the compact hatchback market – but Chevy nailed it. Straight, modern lines and smooth flowing curves are all right where you’d want them. When you add on the cosmetic touches from the RS package, it absolutely outshines every other vehicle in its class. Leather interior, blue accents, red stitching… all of the elements of a hot hatchback are there. So come on over to Weber Chevrolet and give one of these fun cars a test drive. You might like it so much you will decide to drive it home!

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