What Does a Techmattic Do?

January 5th, 2017 by

Matt “Techmattic” Tyson is a familiar name and face if you’ve visited our YouTube channel (Heres a direct link). But what exactly does he do for you and for Weber? Weber Chevrolet has been around for more than a century because we appreciate our customers. That means making sure they are well informed before getting into their new or used car. Part of that is to show them how everything on their new car works. And with so much new technology going into the new models, an entire position had to be developed to assist our customers with this new learning curve. From connecting your Bluetooth to explaining the features of your complimentary OnStar service, Matt breaks down the technology in ways anyone can understand. Not sure how to set up navigation? Matt will demonstrate how in person, and he’ll show you every step of the process. Alternatively, you can go to our YouTube channel and simply search for your vehicle and see the quick tips and reviews we have online. We are constantly updating our channel with new videos on troubleshooting, tips and tricks, and generally good things to know for your new Chevy. Even after you’ve bought your new car from Weber, Matt will give you his card and let you know that you can give him a call any time with any questions you might have along the way. Nobody ever said that we had to do this – but at Weber Chevrolet, we appreciate the business that our loyal customer family gives us, and we like to pay it forward. So don’t get bogged down about all the new technology and features in your new Chevy. There’s a Matt for that.

Matt also likes to have a little fun. Check out his Black Friday promotion video here.

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